MicroGen Biotech R&D Team

Our R&D team has over 30 years of experience in bioremediation of pollutant impacted soil and promotion of crop health and yield through microbial-plant-soil interaction. Our core team had over over 70 international peer reviewed publications and over 200 conference and technical publications including presentations, posters and conference proceedings including cover on Nature Biotechnology. We also have Patents on our technologies and products both in Ireland and China.

  • Dr. David Dowling

    Dr. David Dowling is our chief scientific officer. He is a world leading scientist in environmental and agricultural biotech research. He has over 30 years of experience in the area of bioremediation as well as plant-microbe interactions. Dr. Dowling has coordinated several multi-million euro EU projects with industries and third level researchers.

  • Dr. Xuemei Germaine
    Dr. Xuemei Germaine FOUNDER & CEO

    Dr. Xuemei Germaine is the founder and CEO of MicroGen Biotech. Dr. Germaine had a PhD degree in Environmental Biotechnology and had worked in Pfizer for 6 years discovering novel biopharmaceuticals by using ribosome display and microbial high-throughput screening technologies.

  • Dr. David Ryan
    Dr. David Ryan CO-FOUNDER

    Dr. David Ryan is a co-founder of MicroGen Biotech and has worked in heavy metal phytoremediation and plant growth promotion for more than 20 years.  He has significant management experience and his research has received global recognition, most recently at the Alltech ONE vision conference in the US.

  • Dr. Kieran Germaine
    Dr. Kieran Germaine CO-FOUNDER

    Dr. Kieran Germaine has over 15 years of experience in both research and industry focusing on bioremediation. He has led a number of large scale PAH and TPH bioremediation projects in Ireland and China.

  • Mary Jo Hurley

    Mary Jo Hurley has worked extensively on soil microbe interactions and the biological control of economically important insects.  Mary Jo has a keen interest in bioremediation and sustainable agriculture. She was a PhD candidate with a BSc in Biosciences and Biopharmaceuticals and she’s currently finishing her PhD thesis.

  • Prof. Jaco Vangronsveld
    Prof. Jaco Vangronsveld Scientific Advisor

    Prof. Vangronsveld had published over 250 peer-reviewed papers mainly in the area of phytoremediation of soil and groundwater contaminated with heavy metals, BTEX, TCE, petroleum hydrocarbons and explosives. His research focus is on combining fundamental studies of plants and microorganisms in order to optimize remediation of real-world sites (e.g. Ford Motor Co., Belgian military sites). He deploys traditional plant and microbial biological techniques in combination with next generation sequencing technologies and modern analytical tools to enhance remediation outcomes.

  • Prof. Rafael Rivilla
    Prof. Rafael Rivilla scientific advisor

    Professor Rafael Rivilla is our scientific advisor. He has 25 years experience in the area of plant-microbe Interactions, environmental regulation of motility and biofilm formation, biocontrol and pseudomonas genetics and genomics. He has also coordinated several multi-million euro EU projects with industries and third level researchers.

  • Prof. Yiping Wang
    Prof. Yiping Wang SCIENTIFIC ADVISOR

    Professor Yiping Wang is the director of gene regulation and microbe functional genomic laboratory in Peking University,China. He is an international pioneer in nitrogen fixation research with over 80 peer reviewed publications. Prof. Wang is also the chief scientist of the “973” Development Plan of the Chinese State Key Fundamental Research in developing sustainable environment and agriculture.

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