Case Study 4: Oilseed Field Trial, Ireland

Objectives: developing more efficient seed coated biofertiliser to enhance crop growth
Location: Carlow, Ireland
Size of trial: 0.6 hectare
Technology and Product: MBooster™

Project Summary:
Previous work has included running greenhouse trials on colonization and yields of winter rapeseed oil (WOSR) and spring rapeseed oil (SOSR) plants inoculated with several consortia. In those trials, the application of microbes to WOSR resulted in a significant biomass yield.

Field trial was designed to test the performance (survival and plant growth promotion) of the our microbes. The oilseed rape seeds were sown (at a rate of 100 seeds m2) in an area known as “Knockbeg”, approximately 7.5 km from Carlow Town. The initial OSR trial involved seven treatments (5 consortia and 2 controls), using a standard randomized block design (RBD) involving 6 replicate-blocks. Within each block there were seven treatment plots. The treatment plots were randomly assigned within each block. The entire experiment involved 6 blocks and 42 plots with each block being one of the six replicates.


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