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MicroGen is the winner of Agtech food Category at the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) competition selected from over 2400 companies across 80 countries. This is a very significant milestone of MicroGen. After winning the this category, we were invited to speak at a webinar within UN FAO to present our technology to FAO staff , UN staff and open to public. The livestream conference of XTC is on Tomorrow 10am  PST. We will be featured at this conference. below the link for registration.


MicroGen Biotech raises $3.8m Series A to take heavy metals out of food

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 Delegation led by Shandong Department of Human Resources and Social Security 

Shandong delegation with MicroGeo Biotech Team

Mr Declan Doyle Vice President for Development & Research, IT Carlow

Mr Han Jinfeng, Mr Yang hetong with Dr David Dowling

Mr Han Jinfeng, Mr Yang Hetong with Dr David Ryan

MicroGen Biotech Board

Mr Han Jinfeng with Dr Xuemei Germaine

Congratulation to MicroGen for winning Thrive accelerator awards at the Forbes Agtech summit



CEOs present sustainable solutions at Forbes AgTech Summit

MicroGen Biotech is 1 of 10 winners of the 2017 THRIVE accelerator program out of 136 applicants

The Forbes AGTECH Summit is an international event where Farmers, Investors and Stakeholders of Global Food Systems present their work and demonstrate their latest technologies. At the end of the programme, the companies display their products at the FORBES AgTech Summit taking place on the 28-29th June in Salinas, California. Dr. Xuemei Germaine Founder of MicroGen Biotech, will be one of the three speakers chosen for the panel discussion at Forbes to discuss technology and innovation.

Dr Xuemei and her team are passionate and motivated to feed the world with safer food with their technology, which can help billions of people. MicroGen is the only company in the world that develops biologicals that have three functions simultaneously: to increase the crop yield and feed the growing population, to reduce heavy metal in crops and protect the population’s health and to increase the soil health which helps to sustain the environment.

THRIVE AgTech holds an event called the Forbes AgTech Summit. This is an international event where Farmers, Investors and Stakeholders of Global Food Systems present their work and demonstrate their latest technologies.

Dr Xuemei Germaine presenting our technology at the World Agri -Tech Summit on 28-29th March 2017 in San Francisco

Dr Yue Xiaoyong Ambassador of the People's Republic of China visits MicroGen Biotech

The Microgen Biotech team were honoured to welcome   Dr Yue Xiaoyong the  Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China

to visit us on 25th April 2017 as part of a one day trip to Carlow at the invitation of Carlow County Council.

The Ambassador said that the presentations and tour of our facilities allow him and his colleagues gain a clearer understanding and fully appreciate the value and potential of the patented technologies being developed and refined by Microgen Biotech.

The Ambassador also said that  MicroGen Biotech will have a “Bright future both in China and the World” and that the Chinese Embassy would always be our partner .

25th April 2017


Is there Arsenic in your food?

30th March 2017

Organic farming may be less ‘ costly’