Our Partners

We position ourselves as an innovative technology company. We work closely with our partners to add value for them and their customers. We interact with our partners with transparency, respect, honesty and integrity. We have built strong partnerships in the Chinese market with many public and private entities including oilfield companies, large environmental and agricultural companies, and renowned Chinese state research organisations.

Shengli oilfiled Jindao Ltd

SINOPEC Shengli Oilfield

The Shengli Oil Field is the second-largest oil field in China with daily production of approximately 650,000 barrels. We have built strategic partnership with Shengli oilfield Jindao Ltd, who provide environmental services to Shengli Oilfield. In partnership, we successfully completed China’s largest oilfield remediation projects in 2015.

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CECEP is a Chinese state-owned Enterprise with more than 474 subsidiaries and 4 billion RMB in assets covering all sectors associated with energy conservation and environmental protection operating in 60 countries.

We signed a cooperation agreement with CECEP DADI (China Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Group) in 2015. Under this agreement, MicroGen Biotech and CECEP DADI will work together to explore opportunities in contaminated land remediation in China and overseas including the Middle-East and other western countries.

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MineGreen Ecological Restoration Ltd

MineGreen Ecological Restoration Ltd, China

MineGreen made an investment of several million RMB in MicroGen Biotech in Sep 2015. This allowed MicroGen Biotech and MineGreen to form a strategic partnership in the Chinese market primarily in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Hebei Provinces, where ecology was hugely impacted by the coal mining industry. MINEGREEN is a company specialising in mine ecological restoration and land remediation and is based in Shanxi Provence. MicroGen Biotech and MINEGREEN have also entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to develop and execute soil remediation projects in Shanxi Provence and a number of other provinces in China with CECEP DADI.

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