Board of Directors


MicroGen Biotech’s Board of Directors is responsible for setting our strategic goals and direction. Our Board has extensive knowledge and they bring a wealth of experience in many different areas within MicroGen Biotech.

Dr. Xuemei Germaine, Founder and CEO

Dr. Xuemei Germaine is the founder and CEO of MicroGen Biotech. Dr. Germaine has a PhD degree in Environmental Biotechnology. Previously she worked in Pfizer for 6 years discovering novel biopharmaceuticals using ribosome display and microbial high-throughput screening technologies.

Dr. David Ryan, Co-founder

Dr. David Ryan is a co-founder of MicroGen Biotech and has worked in heavy metal phytoremediation and plant growth promotion for more than 20 years.  He has significant management experience and his research has received global recognition, most recently at the Alltech ONE vision conference in the US.