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Natural microbes to block the uptake of heavy metals by crops and to restore soil health
Our Patented Multi-process Bioremedation Technology
Sustainable solutions for oilfield and brownfield remediation

Biotechnologies for a sustainable future

What we do

We apply proprietary Constructed Functional Microbiome platform technology to develop microbial products to block the uptake of heavy metals by crops to protect food safety, restore soil natural microbiome to increase soil health, crop quality and yields and break down toxic pollutants to remediate contaminated soil.  


Our R&D activities are conducted in the €10 million state-of-the-art Dargan Centre R&D facility equipped with cutting-edge technology facilitating our product development process. The MicroGen Biotech team has over 30 years experience in bioremediation of pollutant impacted soil and enhancing crop health and yield through microbe-plant-soil interaction.


We work with anyone facing challenges resulting from under-performed, stressed arable land or contaminant impacted soil or sludge.

Environmental Bioremediation

  • Oilfield and oil refining industries: to treat oil impacted soil, oil sludge, and oil spills

  • Coal/gas industries: TPH and PAH impacted soil pollution

  • Environmental remediation companies:treating TPH, PAH, Pesticide and/or heavy metal impacted material

  • Dredging and land reclamation companies


  • Organic farmers and conservation tillage farming

  • Farmers working with stressed environments e.g. drought, salinity, heavy metals

  • Government agencies responsible for restoration of public land

  • Seed companies




TPH-PAH Gone ™

Microbial consortiums degrading TPH and PAH

Site specific products

Bespoke microbial products to degrade a cocktail of toxic pollutants on site



Mbooster ™

Help plants to resist stress conditions (draught, salinity and/or heavy metal) and enhance crop yield

Site specific products

Tailor designed microbial products to promote crop yield under defined soil conditions



TPH-PAH-MBooster ™

Microbial consortiums degrading TPH and PAH impacted farm land while promoting healthy plant growth under stressed conditions (draught, salinity and/or heavy metal)

MBooster-HMS ™

Microbial consortium enhance the solubilization of heavy metal and promote the growth of plant

MBooster-HMI ™

Microbial consortium immobilise heavy metal and promoter plant growth

Site specific products

Tailor designed microbial products to promote crop yield under defined soil conditions

Our products are developed by applying our “Constructed Functional Microbiome” platform technology, which harnesses natural microbial consortia for blocking heavy metal intake by crops, increasing crop yield, improving soil quality and remediate soil pollutants.

Multi-process Bioremediation Technology

EcoPile ™ (Patent No: S86631 CN105344709A)

Our platform biotechnology for the remediation of TPH, PAH, Pesticide, sVOC and/or PCBs impacted soil, sludge and sediment.

This is a green, sustainable, eco-restoration bioremediation technology incorporating natural attenuation, bioaugmentation, phytoremediation and rhizoremediation processes all in one proving system.

Proven Results

We have applied our products and technologies to Ireland’s largest bioremediation project and China’s 2nd largest oilfield site to successfully clean up PetroChemical and Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon impacted material. We also have established extensive trials with our biostimulant products in Ireland and China with success.